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"/>The Power of Envisioning - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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The Power of Envisioning

Visualizing works two ways. Imagine a future success: it’s more likely to happen if we can picture it in our minds. And there is a corollary. As I’ve learned the hard way, imagining dire events seems to increase their occurrence.  The power of taking radical responsibility for the quality of our life begins with envisioning a future we want. Again, no guarantees.

After I completed the More To Life Weekend, I “KNEW” I wanted to effect the kind of transformation I saw in that room in 2 days. I followed my heart, went up to Dr. Brad Brown, the main trainer of the weekend, and declared exactly that. No hesitation. OK. In that moment, I could “see” myself doing what he and John Coats did.

Then I battled the ego version of my visualization. I imagined people throwing rotten tomatoes at me, walking out of the training room … all because of my ineptness and hubris. Who did I think I was? One more time my alligator mouth overshadowed my hummingbird ass. I should have known.

However. It was too late. I had already made my declaration. And Brad believed in me. (Alternate picture: sooner or later he will find out I was a fraud, unsuitable to follow in his footsteps.)

My point here. The power of envisioning a longed-for future, if compelling enough (ie emotional enough), can keep the journey moving toward the Vision that has the most heart-felt feelings. If fear is the compelling emotion, then we tend to gravitate towards those doors that open to the visions we dread. If we follow our hearts, we notice those doors that lead to our envisioned future.

Last Saturday, many of us came together to envision our future – from the collective space of hope and “For-ness.” We perused lots of magazines, chatted, cut, chatted, pasted, chatted – and pictures of our dreams emerged onto a poster board, by “feel.”

We had the great good fortune (and discerning wisdom) to ask Kathy Davis and Holly Davis, Spiritual Warriors, devotees and veterans of Vision/Dream Boards to lead us. Their expertise and guidance – invaluable.

THE Question: how emotionally rich are Your Visions – that’s the key.