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Transparency here. I have a drawer in my closet. It is a very big drawer. To be specific – 22 inches wide, 17 inches long, 8 inches deep. Like I said, a very big drawer. I rarely ever access anything deeper than the top layer of this drawer. I’ve been meaning to clear out what’s in the bottom 7 inches, but I find it intimidating. If I don’t need anything in there, why bother? OK, it bothers me. But I’m a very busy woman, and I don’t have time to fritter away exploring a drawer that’s bursting with “stuff.” Stuff I probably don’t need or want. Probably expired stuff in there as well.

Then I found this meme. And truthfully, I’m kinda mad at this meme, because it made me awake to something I’d rather be asleep to. Hmmmm. Since I’m a generous, sharing person, I’ve decided to pass it on to “all y’all” out there with “stuff” bursting from some corner of your home (or office, or car, etc.). Then you can join me in being mad at this meme. LOL

Here’s my plan. Because I’m totally busy this weekend, by the end of next weekend, Sunday, March 3, I will have organized, sorted, thrown away, or re-purposed everything in that drawer, so that I am no longer intimidated by clutter/procrastination. I’m only committing to this one drawer, not my whole house yet. Bit by Bit.