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"/>The Difference a Warrior Makes - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


The Difference a Warrior Makes

From the More To Life point of view, a Warrior is a spiritual being, whose stand is for TRUTH. That is not an easy path. It requires mental discernment, emotional maturity, and devotion to honoring the best in yourself. The best in yourself is fundamentally about Love – loving your own Essence, loving the Essence of Others, and generally spreading love and kindness.

From my personal viewpoint – a Spiritual Warrior’s nature is both Peaceful and Fierce – within the same body.  Peaceful and harmonious in the main, until boundaries are crossed, which initiates a response of  firmness and solidity. If firm and solid are ignored, “Peaceful” slides into consequences delivered. It’s not “mean” – it’s awakening, supporting your visibility as a worthwhile human being – worthy of honor, respect, and love.

If consequences are transgressed, there is eventually a slide into “fierce”. For some people, it takes “fierce” to wake them up to valuing who you are. Bottom line, “fierce” is your “protector” – both personally, for your family/friends, and for righteousness in the world.

Fierce is not an excuse to  bully.  It’s not about making anyone/anything change to suit you personally.  Just the opposite. It’s a way to address being bullied. The opposite of a Spiritual Warrior is the egocentric bully. Bullies don’t mess with Warriors, at least not twice.

If you’re unwilling to trust your ability to actualize your “fierceness” – then you’ve nothing to back up your “peaceful” space. So you’re left with being Passive.  Passivity invites invisibility or being overlooked. It also invites predators. Predators choose the ones who won’t give them any trouble. Until the passive one wakes up and are literally willing to fight for their life.

And yes, being Fierce can be scary, especially if you’re just beginning to respect it. It’s not polite. It’s real. It’s raw and resolute.

Check it out in your own life. Who/What/When are you willing to be Fierce, because Fierce is what is called for …. IF you also want to be Peaceful – knowing you have what it takes to rectify non-peaceful/unethical/abuse of any kind.

2 Responses

  1. Tom Parish

    I agree, and would add that the Warrior Spirit can be defined as setting boundaries for oneself while also pushing those boundaries further.

    You make an excellent point about finding where to draw the line and fiercely protecting oneself when that line gets crossed. That reminder to clearly communicate to others when their actions discount you is so valuable.

    In addition to “holding the line” and defending against feeling overwhelmed or having boundaries crossed, the Warrior Spirit has another dimension of riding out to establish new boundaries and expand horizons.

    Often in life, the opportunities for both protecting existing boundaries and expanding into new ones arrive concurrently.