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"/>Personal Sovereignty - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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Personal Sovereignty

The older I get, the more I trust who I am at my core. It is ever unfolding. I thought I knew my core when I was young (I am different, don’t fit in). Then in my 20s, I believed something else (I am to become what is expected by others). Then, as a new mother, I experienced the imprint of “unconditional love” for the first time. It changed my life.

From there, I began Knowing that *I* Belong. The More To Life program opened up more fundamental truths that were hidden underneath the disconnect from my own essence.

Now, as an elder, I am CERTAIN that my life is my total responsibility for every single one of my attitudes and behaviors. That’s my Personal Sovereignty…being true to my essence. Others do not have the power to compromise my sovereignty. Only I have the option to abandon, forget, deny who I am. However, in order to stay within the imprint of unconditional love, it is up to me to pay it forward. And when I miss the mark – course correct, realign with my core. Personal sovereignty again…and again.

Yes, now I believe my core is unconditional love. And I believe it is all ours as well. It is what awaits us all. Being awake to our Personal Sovereignty does 2 things – it stands firm in our resolve to be situationally aware – both unentangled with any non-sense coming our way; and relying on our heart and gut instinct to further unfold the next part of our journey – sovereign, faithful to Who We Are.

PS This is a way different post than what I first imagined. “Journaling” can be hugely significant in our personal understanding of our Core and our Personal Sovereignty. I recommend it.

PPS “I AM.” That is a complete sentence.