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"/>Ages and Stages - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Ages and Stages

A few nights ago, I had a dream – one of those dreams you Know is “significant.” I wrote it in my Dream Journal first, then typed it up to see if any other details (nuances) would pop out.

Bottom line, my life has unfolded in “sections” (not true for everyone, just my journey as a child born during WWII).

  • young (learning where and with whom I can speak my truth)
  • early middle (submerging my truth, fulfilling familial/cultural oversight)
  • middle middle (emerging differentiation/discovering My voice)
  • late middle (trusting my voice, following its whisperings)
  • last section of my life so far (astounded by the pure elegance of my journey, total faith in the mystery of my unfolding, loving my life … most of the time)

The dream ended with the sense that I’m about to embark on the next section … like – “Stay Awake! There’s More.”

I have no clue what’s next. But my voice is whispering, “You’ll know when you see the opening. The time is not quite yet … be “Awake.” That’s your job for now.”

Being 77 years old, my first thought was, “Hmmm, this must mean I’m done with this life.” The voice whispers, “That’s not it, there’s more for you to contribute.”

Feeling a touch sad about that. Why is “more” being required of me, yet again. Haven’t I done enough already? I really like this section of my life. I’ve fought hard for it. What could possibly be “the more” that’s on the horizon? The voice whispered, “It’s coming. Not just for you. It’s a collective “More” … a shift in Awakeness.”

Hmmm. A shift in Awakeness, not just me … A shift in our Collective Evolution? OK! I’m IN! Sounds intriguing!





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