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ACI = Anal Cranial Inversion

Yeah, you get it!  Chatting with Renee McGah the other day, I mentioned a time when I suffered from this particular ailment. Not that it was a one-off. No siree.  Anyway, she laughed and said I should write a blog post about it, since I’ve not done so in awhile.

So here it is. The term was first explained to me by Ann Barnett, my original therapist, who became my mentor. Let’s just say, she had a way with words.

The corollaries are: ostrich with their head in the sand; mindlessness, obtuseness, avoidance … a fundamental unwillingness to know what I already know that I don’t want to know … pretense. Like when a previously cherished relationship is about to come to an end. Like pretending to know that I don’t know …. that my partner is cheating … that my boss is up to something I don’t know how to handle … that I’ve made a huge mistake and hope nobody notices … and mostly, that I know it’s my time to step up and speak up.

The only remedy that has ever worked for me is extraction – taking my head out of that very dark place, seeing what I “know” and owning up to the Truth.

I hope this helps in case you know of anyone that also suffers from anal cranial inversion.