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"/>The Eyes of the Beholder - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


The Eyes of the Beholder

In my “minds-eye” my secret expectation of life is that it be like a shiny new Penny. Clean, pristine, well-defined. But leaning down in a store parking lot one afternoon… I picked up this roughed-up penny with its surfaces all but indistinguishable.

The value lies beneath the surface retained.In that moment, I realized that even as beat-up as it was, there was a certain beauty to “behold” – much like me / my life.

Perfectly Flawed.

From Jerry Joslen – a long-time friend of mine.


My mind instantly went into comparison (slippery slope to hell)  –  how I looked in my 20s – shiny, full of potential …. vs how I look now –50 years later. Marked. Creased with a lifetime of laughter, tears, fears, love, doubt, faith.

And yet .. I still feel that shiny part of me – it’s alive and well (when I’m in touch).

Again, all in the eyes of the Beholder.

How are you Beholding You?



8 Responses

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  2. Sarah Lopez

    Just reading this now, but like so much of what you say, it has the ring of truth. I think you introduced me to the term “self-remembering” which continues to be such an important practice. Thanks.

    1. ann mcmaster

      You’re welcome … and Brad introduced me to the term “self remembering” … no telling where he got it from – it’s likely been around for 1000s of years – who have you introduced it to?