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"/>Sacred Lesson from a Kauri Tree - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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Sacred Lesson from a Kauri Tree

Scene: North Island, New Zealand, on a boardwalk built around the trunks of some ancient (2000+ years old) Kauri trees.
I love trees – basically they are the “lungs” of earth. Being curious of nature, what could I learn from a tree that existed way before me and way after? The boardwalk had very little pedestrian traffic, so I had the “space” to connect, see what I could learn.
One particular tree “called” me. So I went. I grokked it. Then put my hands on it. And waited…waited. Nothing.
Then decided to try Dr. Spock’s Vulcan Mind Meld. Forehead to trunk. And waited. Waited some more. Nothing.
Ok. Not one to give up easily, I took my shoes off, laid down on the boardwalk and put my bare feet (an “earthing” technique) on the trunk – oblivious to the few people walking around my head on the boardwalk. <I know – weird> Immediate connection, like plugged in. Only feelings. Senses. Tuned in. Timelessness. At-one-ment. “IS-ing” (like BEING, but more immediate).
I came away feeling vastly reassured that All Is Well – for always and ever.
My head is excellent for figuring things out, clever (and often reliant on memories or predictions). That is a very different scenario from the sacredness of physically being Right Here, Right Now. No interpretation and often no words.
Sacred lesson: trust my instinct, follow my inclinations. Be Present – fully.