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"/>My Heart’s SPS - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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My Heart’s SPS

It seems I have 2 internal positioning systems (IPS?) – one is in my head, figuring out where I need to be, and by what time. It allows me to create a strategy for getting to the right place at the right time. My head does this extremely well. (So does my car.)

My other internal IPS is in my heart. It “knows” what is compelling for me – not as a “have to/should/must/gotta/need” – but almost as if I can’t not go there – like a finger beckoning me forward. And then there’s the heart whisper, “Go! Come on!” (It’s really more of a spiritual positioning system – SPS)

Those two positioning systems are very different. My head positioning system is “common sense” – get things done – efficaciously. My heart SPS gives me no guarantees, no assurances, no purpose. But at some level, I so trust it to know things that are not cognitively apparent.

Then there is the conflict.

Heart SPS – GO! 

Head IPS – “WAIT! What are you doing? This makes no sense. You don’t know what’s going to happen … and that’s just plain scary!”

Ah, yes. Choice point. Which will be my biggest regret – that I didn’t follow my heart SPS, or that I did? But isn’t it all about experience and learning more and more about who I am, who others are, how those choices make a difference in my life, and how my life makes a difference to others?

Moving forward.

PS In the long run, I’ve never regretted trusting my Heart SPS. I’ve learned to listen to it, but it’s rarely as loud as my Head IPS.