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"/>And So It Is - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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And So It Is

Scene: Last Saturday, one frustrating/disappointing thing after another. Picture me wading into the Slough of Despond step by step, finally wallowing in the seemingly relentless bleakness of my future – dull, boring, flat, tasteless, odorless, alone, chilly  – “same-ness.”

Since this wasn’t a usual experience, I decided to tarry awhile – refusing to do anything about my despondent state – knowing full well that I have the tools to regain my connection to faith, hope, and love. OK, I bit of stubborn willfulness here.

Later I wondered how much of that desolateness was attributable to those personal disappointments or, in some part, attributable to the world’s current emphasis on non-touch. How might that separateness affect me/us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – the “touch of spirit” incarnated in our humanity – that which makes us uniquely human BE-ings.

I came into this world alone. I will leave this world alone. In between is my shared journey with all the rest of you – family, best buds, acquaintances, and the rest of the whole universe. Within this Grand Adventure called LIFE, I alone determine the quality of my life – choosing to surrender to the AS-IS-NESS of life (or not) AND engaging my compassion, creativity and courage (or not).

The antidote to my Slough of Despond this time … 3 hours of laughing and celebrating our personal and collective good fortune with Lavita Marks and Renee McGah, eating delish Middle Eastern Food in our little corner of the patio in the perfect autumn evening. Magical. Uplifting. Real.

Thank you ALL for the part you’ve played in my personal journey. Thank you for your FOR-ness, your support, your forgiveness, your laughter, your love.