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Who We Are – a Point of View

In the middle of a chat with my friend, Steb Fisher in Australia, I went on a riff about Who We Really Are as students of the More To Life program. He asked me to write it up. So here it is.

The way I understand what Dr. Brad Brown (priest and psychotherapist) was going for, and what many of us are going for, is being part of a practicing community. This particular community has lots of practices to move us from the constriction of being “inside the box”/separate/lonely to the freedom and creativity that awaits us outside the box. These practices serve 3 purposes – consciously evolving ourselves; being “for” others; and committed to creating something worthy of who we are when we are at our best. There is a sense of connection, communion, camaraderie, esprit de corps. Religious language calls it the Holy Spirit connecting us all.

When the human spirit is engaged with others, there is an inner compelling urge that will not be quieted. It requires action, not just voice. When that action is about the Greater Good, the human spirit hums in gratitude.

For me, the More To Life Program is about that – that sense of commonality and connection that serves a larger purpose. When a group commits itself to the Greater Good, change happens. In the case of the More To Life Program – that Greater Good is Not the program or the foundation itself. Our Greater Good is creating Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward All. Yes, that’s exactly the point of an MTL team – spiritual warriors banding together to create something bigger than themselves. By the end of the course, if we’ve handled our ego, we truly embody the “feel” of at-one-ment. That’s why so many of us have chosen the MTL program as our vehicle of choice – allowing us a way to play our part in creating a world worth inheriting by our children and our children’s children – just that.

That’s what I’m up to. What are you up to?

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