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"/>Boundaries and Systems - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Boundaries and Systems

Boundaries are occupying consideration in my life, because I am so good in some areas, and a doofus in others. At the moment, I am considering the role of boundaries inside systems.

My body is a complex interaction of organs, hormones, neural networks, blood, etc. I expect my adrenals to do what they are designed to do – adrenal boundaries. So each part, when functioning healthily, contributes to the wellbeing of the whole. If my adrenals get sick, my liver will not pick up the slack. If I do not course correct to support my adrenals, eventually there is a domino effect, and my whole body pays the price.

Similarly, if a virus or bacteria attacks my body, my system can fend off the attack, if I am healthy. If not, my system is further damaged.

The same applies to families and even larger organizations. If families/organizations are healthy, they can weather difficult/catastrophic events.

In our solar system, we depend on Mars, etc. to stay in its own orbit around the sun. If it should go out of bounds, I can’t imagine the chaos to our solar system.

Re country boundaries: If each country were healthy, our planet would be healthy. That is not the case today. If a country is unhealthy, it makes sense to support that country. We will lose our diversity if all countries were the same. Just as we need different organs, different ellipses around the sun, we need different cultures in order to achieve healthy diversity.

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    Good one, Ann!
    Haley holidays from down under, where it’s Christmas Day .. and raining … so we’re still in bed. Guess that’s my boundary for the next few hours anyway.

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