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"/>Our One True Job in Life - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Our One True Job in Life

Last Sunday, I did a webinar on Boundaries – 56 people from 5 different countries. One woman asked how to address someone not keeping their word. In her case, the other person made a unilateral decision that adversely affected her, when she had no input into his change of mind.

I’m sure you can relate. It happens regularly – by people and by life. Wasbands (former husbands) reneging on childcare, parents dying unexpectedly, Hurricane Harvey – things happening that I did not agree to, did not want. I recommend a meltdown – very cathartic actually! Then it’s time to redirect our lives to address the new reality.

I learned a huge lesson from these “catastrophes.” I have absolutely NO CONTROL over the actions of others/Life – NONE!! However devastating this was (and is) to my illusion of sovereignty, it was immensely freeing to me in another way – my ability to create work-arounds/solutions, even adjusting to new/unasked-for circumstances in a way that brought the best in me forward – exposing new facets of myself, deeper personal respect, trust in my ability to address whatever life brings, limitless curiosity, and boundless love for myself and others.

I got it. My one true job in life? Live in a way that honors my unique spiritual fingerprint, that respects my destiny as it unfolds around me, and to allow love in and out, like my breath.

PS And sometimes it takes a meltdown to get back into alignment with each new reality that I didn’t ask for.


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