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"/>But It's Not in the Manual - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


But It’s Not in the Manual

Scene: The Pearl, an advanced, residential course in the More To Life program, Elohee Center, Sautee, Georgia. 23 in attendance.

Peggy Jarrett and I had a manual – it was an excellent manual. Truly. Each day was perfectly planned, deeper and deeper steps into the magical, mystical journey when Everything comes together. We knew it was Plan A, and that Plan B was coming just around the corner. For us, that wasn’t just a concept, it was a visceral knowing. And it still caught me by surprise.

One person, in an outpouring of ancient grief, opened the space for everyone else’s grief to flow out, right alongside hers. It turned into a group experience of washing out the past.

That wasn’t in the manual. Neither were all those other moments that released us all to the numinous connection of love for each other, to our unabashedly, all-ways present joy.

On the one hand, there is the manual (government regulations, local rules, cultural customs) that provides a conscious framework to hold our experience. On the other hand, within each specific context, life peeks out and offers spiritual experiences that heal, transfigure, harmonize who we are as human beings. At-One-Ment was offered, welcomed and birthed by us all – again and again.

The “manual” is the placeholder/purpose-rich platform from which the At-One-Ment cascades.








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    Elaine Alpert

    Gorgeous, Ann. I’m printing and pasting this into my journal. Ha! Anything to capture it, to have a physical record that it actually happened! In truth this experience at The Pearl is lfully alive inside my expanded chest. i so appreciate you and Peggy following the energy and midwifing it into being! xoxo

    have that roundness, a resonance that I can’t help but You and I love love love this part of being a trainer for More To Life… these At-One-Ment

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    ‘The “manual” is the placeholder/purpose-rich platform from which the At-One-Ment cascades.’
    Wow. Simply wow.
    I’d heard about this experience from one of the participants. Love how you wrote about it.

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    I was a participant in that At-One-Ment! So true! I’m grateful I was present to witness and be a part of the flow of human experience. I have much gratitude for you and Peggy’s leadership and willingness to partner with Life. And perhaps most of all, there was a lot of fun amidst the learnings!

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    Mary Kennerty

    What an awe inspiring week in an ancient Native American place with loving caring people. The Pearl feels like it is in my heart and soul. It is even in my senses. Amazing eye sight and focusThank you trainers and warriors know that you are loved even those in England.
    Hope to hear from others.
    Charleston SC

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