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I am a big fan of adventuring – whitewater rafting, walking with lions, swimming with wild dolphins, backpacking in the Okavango, parasailing – generally exploring places I’ve never been, including living in Africa. A couple of weeks ago, Sylvia Hebert, Lavita Marks, Darrell Essary and I hiked around various “vortex energy centers” in Sedona. Another adventure.

Yes! Exciting! Testing my ability to address unforeseen challenges with curiosity and willingness and enthusiasm. How fun is that? Our planet is outrageously beautiful and exotic, so much to see and experience.

However, my most daring adventures are the ones that delve into my interior world – exploring my most sacred hopes and dreams, as well as my scary, dark places, where hurt and doubt lurk. Will I pursue my dreams as avidly and with as much commitment as I do my next adventure? Or will I write them off as Impossible Dreams? Will I challenge my death-dealing mental dragons with courage and commitment? Or will I succumb to my own insidious lies and betrayal?

Adventuring in the exterior world seems easier, more fun, more exciting…even if less impacting. Adventuring in the interior world requires more will, more boldness, more steadfastness…more life-changing.

Spiritual Warriors adventure bravely into the interior world. I salute those Spiritual Warriors, the participants and team of the Power of Self Esteem Course in Sedona…they ventured into their interior worlds, smiting lies, rescuing truths, changing lives.

I loved being in your presence.


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    Thank you Ann, for being by my side as I continue to work on the interior ‘adventures’.
    It is so much ‘more ‘, with you there ‘helping ‘ me along The way! Love Linda

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    Deedee Mitchell

    I always love your positive, healthy posts, Ann. I am sure you will continue your winning ways as well as helping others on their journey. I just turned 80, and I am surprised to find that I no longer have a drive or desire to accomplish, just want to be me on a small scale. I don’t know if this is “good” or “bad” but I am following my gut on it for now. Prayers appreciated.

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    Pamela French

    Amen! The rewards that come from that journey inwards outweigh the rewards from the external journey. I never knew it possible to find such peace, love and serenity inwardly no matter what is happening externally. Understanding my feelings are ok to be felt just as they are. I no longer hide or mask my feelings by some fake emotion in order to make others happy or ok. Without going inward finding this space would not have been possible. The external world is not responsible for my peace, love or serenity, but there are beautiful places that add to it! Many blessings. Pamela

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