Training & Consulting

In 2002, Ann McMaster and her business partner, William Holt, formed a partnership with Dr. Brad Brown – co-founder of the Kairos More To Life Program. The purpose of this consultancy is to take the principles, tenets, and skills of the program into the business arena.
Step One

We utilize our diagnostic tool to discover what motivates and demotivates management, staff and employees. Often what is brought to light was unsuspected by management. The results of the diagnostic are presented in a report that shows the trends – what’s working, what’s not, what could use a tweak. We also present a recommendation based on our interviews.

 Step Two

If what is needed is in our wheelhouse, and if we think we can deliver the requested change, we offer coaching and/or trainings that are specifically designed to address the needs of the company.

 Step Three

Regular follow up support, until the changes can be embedded.