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"/>YES/NO - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.



This is a dilemma I have faced many time. It seems this lesson needs to be in my face on a regular basis.

Scene: Beginning of the workday, sitting in my chair, comparing my Health Disciplines to my schedule for the day. I’m looking for space to fit my personal commitments around the commitments I’ve already made to others. Hmmmm. Today – not enough time. Again. (“Well, it’s a really busy week, and I really want to do all these things I’ve committed to. I recommit and plan better for tomorrow.  Oops – as I said, a busy week.”)

Strategically, I absolutely know better. I know that if I do not handle my health commitments, my body will eventually make SURE my health is my priority. How sick do I have to get before I prioritize my health?

A life lesson for me – for every YES, there is a NO on the flip side. YES to reading a book into the wee hours of the morning/NO to being on top of my game for my 8am client. NO to stacking clients one after the other/YES to breathing space for me to re-center and bring my A-Game to the next. YES to watching the news/NO to peace of mind. NO to believing my way is the Right Way/YES to diversity of opinions and a more likely solution for all.

ALL YES’s have a NO to something. And vice versa.

It’s all about choice. What are you saying YES/NO to?

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