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"/>Yes to a New Challenge - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Yes to a New Challenge

Tom Parish instigated my blog, saying, “I’ll set it up, all you have to do is write.” Hmmmm

Several years later, he added his voice to others, saying, “Write a book.” Double Hmmmmm.

It seems that others now have the need to create projects for me – “make an MP3 out of your book” – nothing I know a scintilla about. So I turned to Tom Parish, podcast king, and asked for guidance. Would this be worth the time and effort?

Bottom line, over the holidays, we spent 7 hours recording my book, Lifeshocks – Out of the Blue. At the beginning, I was feeling tight in my stomach – trepidation – wanting to do a good job, knowing this was absolutely out of my wheelhouse.

Fortunately, this is completely within Tom’s wheelhouse – he even loves doing it. Go figure! He showed me all the equipment (of which there was a long table of black boxes with dials and gauges – with a life all their own. Yep, intimidating.) I sat semi-enclosed by black sound-proofing and a microphone – an industrial microphone, not like the ones I’m used to wearing in a training room.

Seven hours later, I felt excited, proud of myself, grateful to Tom, and a bit nervous that I sound like a hick. Recorded forever in my hick-voice. Ah well … a new challenge, unsought, but presented, then chosen and actualized. Great way to finish 2018.

PS He’s now doing the hard part – turning it into an MP3.

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