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"/>When It All Comes Together - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


When It All Comes Together

A few weeks ago, I had the great privilege of being the officiant at the wedding of two friends. These two friends work in the same industry, lived in the same neighborhood, shopped in the same stores, had worked for the same boss at different points in time and had friends in common – but had never met. Until they did.

That’s “when it all came together.” And now they are well and truly married, with even more friends (and now relatives) in common and a shared experience of More To Life. Both admit they would not have been ready any earlier, that by the time they did meet, they were ready – “ready” meaning satisfied with life as it was, complete and whole in themselves, and open to life. We all feel the “right-ness” of their union.

“When it all comes together” – if I could just trust that. Even though I’ve had that experience, there are currently things I want to come together, but I want one of them to come together NOW. I want the More To Life program to be highly visible, acknowledged worldwide as a resource for practical spirituality (not a religion). When is it all going to come together for MTL, the way it did for Martin and Mindy?

My impatience is superseding my trust in The Journey. And that, my friends, is the current hitch in my life. It is not The Journey, it is my impatience. Dang. Why does it always have to be something “I” am doing that gets in my way?

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    Susan Pastika

    Dear Ann, I want what you want. The world needs More to Life philosophies and skills. But I don’t think the world is ready for it. Like your friends who weren’t ready for each other, but then they were and met. So we bring what we can to our part of the world, and wait in hope, with or without patience.

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    Sarah Lopez

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for continuing to so honestly share your experience and awareness with the many lives you’ve touched.
    Things have come together for me in a way I had never imagined, My life felt whole and filled with love before an encounter
    with someone Tom Colquitt referred me to for some work on my home. Little could I have imagined that he would become such a significant and romantic presence in my life. I knew we’d be soul friends from our first encounter, especially after learning he had been in the seminary for three years and had come to GA to get a masters in transpersonal psychology. His open heart and poetic soul moved me from the platonic to the profoundly romantic. Only later did I learn that he had taken the training in 1989 (i took it in 1984), as did his former wife, son, and daughter.
    Reminds me of the saying, “God writes straight with crooked lines.”
    I have no doubt that your life will continue to unfold with abundant blessings and wish you your true heart’s desire.

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    Johanna Wright

    Yup me too dear Ann, always my insistence that it should be any other way than “As it is” that causes my discomfort…as you say “dang!”
    I certainly can relate to your wanting it to come together for MTL since it is the biggest and most profound facilitator of my personal growth and my journey to my own inner peace.
    Love you, dear Ann.

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