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"/>The Gift of the Shift - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


The Gift of the Shift

Scene: chatting with Erica Hitt Ostaszewski, about a year ago. She used that phrase to describe how she felt after one of More To Life’s processes. I liked it, I wrote it down, and now I know why.

The Gift of the Shift. We all know what that’s like. Even though nothing external has changed one whit, WE have shifted. The shift may or may not be visible to an outsider’s view, but our outlook is different and something does “feel shifted” physically – like something has been released and a new awareness has taken its place.

I’ve been working on my ego for a looooooong time. As I get sharper about its presence, it mutates like a flu virus, getting sneakier, which requires me to wake up even more, shift into greater awareness of its ever more subtle workings.

Truthfully I was making it hard work, intensely determined to undermine its effect in my life.

New scene: chatting with Rafa Berriorchoa a few months ago. During our conversation, it dawned on me that I could shift my intention to oust my ego from very intense determination to lightness of being – WOW!

Lightness of being – THAT was a new concept for me … enjoy the game of hide and seek with my ego. I know it’s there. The joy of spotting it – A HAH! I See You! I have YOU, you do not have ME!

(except for when it does)

The Gift of the Shift – gratitude for my ego, illuminating what to unload next, in essence, a spiritual dump.

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    Erica Hitt Ostaszewski

    Brilliant and beautifully worded as always! You somehow always manage to write EXACTLY what my heart needed to hear for the day. Thank you for the gift of you, Ann! I love you!

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    Andrew Munro

    The power of “yes”: the ego is our friend too who also doesn’t want to live in the shadows. Thank you, Ann et al for the story. I feel the strength in my heart and belly as I read. I’m reminded of the shift experience. I inspire. XXX

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    Liz Kirsten

    I experienced that only this morning. Knowing that my ego had me by the throat but allowing it to do so. Driving to work I forgave myself and then -suddenly – was able to forgive the other person and the grip was loosened. I got the gift. What a wonderful release!

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