Standing as ONE

This phrase from my support partner, Clare Vivian-Neal, struck a deep chord. My altruistic mind sees Standing as One as not only Real (we are all life forms on one planet in the hinterland of the Milky Way Galaxy), but necessary.

On the other hand, I could lose my “I” in the process. My “I” has seemingly disappeared in the past – accommodating my version of my family’s/husband’s/culture’s values. How can I Stand as One AND not disappear?

Standing as One is not solely a personal issue – Brexit in the UK, Zuma in South Africa, the changing policies here in the US and most everywhere else in the world. Something is happening at the individual and global levels.

What if Standing as One was a policy taken by all departments of every company? By all segments of every nation? By all nations of our planet? What would happen to the personal/corporate/national ego?

The More To Life Program has a course, Living Yes – offering an experience  of bringing my FULL presence as a leader within a group of leaders, who are also bringing forth their FULL presence. Each of us with unique qualities, all of which serve a Greater Good.

If that premise could be promulgated throughout the world, wouldn’t we be in a very different place? It reminds me of the Apollo 13 mission – potential disaster solved by many minds with one intent – bring our astronauts home.

Let’s bring ourselves home, so we can contribute our full potential to the Greater Good.

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    1. Ann Mc

      thank you …. you’ve played such a big part in this blog – encouraging me to write in the first place, then with your editing and comments all along the way. I owe you, my friend.

  1. Felicity

    I am so grateful dear Ann many times over…that I am ONE with your and Clare’s brilliant mind, heart and will :).(singular/plural) .
    You both champion US / WE / ME and help to pull ME / US up by the boot straps. Thank heavens … gives me hope and re-grounds when I’m off on a big I or little i rampage.

    Big YES to ‘bringing forth (their) our FULL presence. Each of us with unique qualities, all of which serve a Greater Good.’

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