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"/>The Sacred - Test #1 - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


The Sacred – Test #1

Universe:  How are you doing with your 2019 Intention to see life through the lens of “sacred?”                  Me: Did you really have to start off with such a literal Bang?!

Universe: Say more.                                                        Me: My beloved car is totaled! Dead! Finished! Kaput! Muerto!

Universe:  How is that not sacred?                                   Me: Give me a break. I loved that car!

Universe: Did I not send you angels?                                   Me: You mean the solicitous woman who stopped to make sure I was OK? Oh, and the empathetic young man whose truck I bashed into? OK, yeah, the cop was very helpful, organizing a tow truck, waiting for my adrenalin shakes to subside, so I could grasp details of what to do next (insurance, etc.). Ah – the tow truck driver – kind, friendly. Last, but not least, my beautiful daughter to the rescue, giving me a most needed hug.

Universe:  And?                                                                                                                                              Me: Right. Nobody was physically hurt. OK, that’s a miracle. Truly a miracle.

Universe: So how is totaling your beloved car “sacred?”                                                                                Me (sulky): I don’t know. It was paid for. Brand new, expensive tires. Full tank of gas.

Universe: And … how is totaling your beloved car “sacred?”                                                                          Me: Sacred/Scared – same letters, similar in experience actually. Both are about the Great Unknown. One generates faith, the other generates fear. Hmmmm I came through a very scary experience – the truck had minor bumper damage, my car is now in the metal graveyard, and I’m alive and intact. Grateful. (And probably some other sacred stuff … currently unknown, but I’m open to discovering.)


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    Loved this post! Glad to hear you are shaken rather than broken. You and Prince Phillip both with such incidents this week. Sacred moments abound xx

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    Mary Reynolds

    Ah Ann

    I am so sorry about your car but grateful for you being intact and all the help you got from others on the scene and phew for Rebecca! This post speaks to me as we face “a wall” … will I have faith that in the end it will all be ok or will I buckle under the fear? Sending you love and may 2019 improve in respect of cars.

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