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"/>Sacred/Morbid - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.




In my meditation today, what became crystal clear is that I have choice – I actually can view my life through the lens of “all is sacred” … or, only those things I like are sacred, the things I don’t like are morbid in some way …. or, it’s all morbid, really. (I really like that word, morbid. Very clarifying.)

My choice. I have evidence for both. Speaking in systems yet again, my body, and/or parts thereof, can be seen as sacred. Why not? We are literally made of photons of light! How could that not be sacred?

Pictures of the cosmos, sunrise/sunset, rainbows/flowers – how can those not touch the numinous in us? And why is that transcendent space only applicable to “good” things/moments?

2019 Intention: I will find the sacred in all situations and in all things. That includes my body at 75 years old, the words/actions of those I love, and those I don’t love (those who say/do bone-headed things that totally do not make sense in any verifiable reality), yes, even those – they also are made of photons of light. Including the current political environment of divisiveness – even that! Including the rampant struggle of the ego (mine included) that pursues personal glory at the expense of the greater good. And yes, all of it, everywhere, in every moment. All sacred, because that’s the lens through which I choose to see my life.

(And I’m likely to recommit consistently when my mind forgets that all is sacred.)

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    1. Ann Mc

      Yep. Likely my quality of life will be very different if I can pull this off even 50^ of the time. LOL . And I also suspect my family and friends will be grateful if I can do this … double LOL.

  1. Avatar

    Perfect! Feeling sacred after feeling being by you many time and seeing the same in you. Wishing many blessings for you this year.

  2. Avatar

    I’m guessing the “recommits” to seeing the sacred in all things will number more than Ann’s tongue-in-cheek “one or two” this year. More like 365 for me. My mind races to judgment at the speed of light. Isn’t that fitting, being made of light? We call the “other” dark, because we don’t like or want them as they are, and yet they too are made of photons of light. Here’s to remembering to see the light in us all. And to recommitting when we forget.

  3. Ann Mc

    You are totally correct … VERY tongue in cheek. And yes, there is no real thing that is named “dark” … it is my understanding that “dark”: is simply the absence of light . I’m guessing that hell is the absence of heaven. LOL

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