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Raising RQ – a Spiritual Mastery

RQ – Resilience Quotient – the amount of time it takes for you to emulate the Phoenix – rising again and again to create your life from the last crash and burn.

I was talking to my friend Eddie about the mechanism for increasing RQ. Comparing experiences, we decided that the first step would be to wake up to the ashes of our latest disaster/mishap/stumble. Duh!

Second  – Emote – express all feelings – can be done in minutes, when done fully. Then objectively acknowledge where we went wrong or what we learned that we hadn’t previously known. Similar to a debrief or postmortem on what happened. What are our learnings, what is the real “lay of the land” as we see it now?

Third – Given what we know now, what’s our course correction? Abandon the project? New ideas for changing perspective, or the goal, or the trajectory/methodology/people, or, likely, our own attitude/behavior, what?

Fourth – Just do it! See what happens! Give our best, be curious about bumps, unforeseen opportunities, always learning as we go.

Fifth – Enjoy the ride! Celebrate our victories, as well as our splendiferous catastrophes … grateful for the  opportunity to recalibrate and go back onto the playing field.

It’s exactly how infants learn to crawl, toddlers learn to walk/run/skip. They don’t quit going for it, even when they fall. Adults learn how to evolve their spiritual mastery exactly the same way.

Simple … really! The masterful part is to keep going for it, just like we did as a kid!

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