A Question of Faith – Part 3

Having faith in the Big Picture, especially when the Big Picture looks chaotic, horrific, just plain “wrong” – is the hardest. It’s made even more difficult when I don’t have faith in myself or in you (the specific and the ubiquitous you).

Here’s the awful truth. When I’m faithless about ANYthing, it’s my ego’s way of dousing my dreams, sequestering me from others, thereby ensuring my impotence. Bottom line, I am not in charge of How It IS. (And Yes! According to my omnipotent ego, If I ran the world, trust me, It would be a far better place!) Here’s the Real Truth – if I (and everyone else in the world) would handle my/our own ego, the world WOULD be a better place.

The job of running the universe has already been filled. I was not considered, nor was my opinion even sought. I either align myself to the Reality of RIGHT NOW or selfishly demand it be My Way – which, because it isn’t, leaves me impotent. Which is exactly where the ego wants me.

The other choice is a spiritual surrender to How It Really IS. From the place of spiritual surrender, I can contribute my spiritual fingerprint to the mix. If I feel compelled, I can advocate FOR change (not against). At this point, I become a conscious change agent in our evolution, impassioned versus demanding, a testament to Faith-Full-Ness. Vitalizing. Empowering. Connecting.

I’ve done both. I choose Faithfulness. And if/when I forget, I will re-choose Faithfulness.

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  1. Pam Barmby

    HI Ann, this was a very timely post. My current discipline is to record every day 3 lifeshocks which evoke my faithfulness and 3 lifeshocks which expose my my faithlessness. I love the idea that I wasnt even considered for the job of running the universe, but if I surrender to how it is, my spiritual fingerprint will be in the mix. Resonant words,

  2. Ellen Hoepner

    “There is a perfect ant, a perfect bee, but man is perpetually unfinished…Moreover, the incurable unfinishedness keeps man perpetually immature, perpetually capable of learning and growing.”

    — Eric Hoffer

    Moment to Moment evolving in self and Faith. Evolving. Thanks Teacher!

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