A Question of Faith – Part 1

Two weeks ago, 25 of us met at Artesian Lakes Resort – the course: Sacred Path in a Secular World. All of us intent on walking our unique, spiritual path within the world around us. We learned that it requires faith –  open-hearted, wide-eyed FAITH – no guarantee whatsoever. It does not mean I have no input, no part to play in what happens. Just the opposite.

Having Faith in mySELF is a requisite – faith in the sacred whispers or longings in my heart, in the compelling urges in my gut. It is not about satisfying an itch, an addiction, or any other self indulgence. It is not about making life easier in some way. Just the opposite.

In May, 1994, 3 weeks after The Election that included ALL South Africans, I was there leading the More To Life Weekend trainings in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. I felt compelled to move to Africa. There was nothing rational about that decision. It was “unlike me.” And I “knew” it was the right thing for ME to do. I wanted to do my part in this country’s transition … creating, as Mandela proclaimed, a Rainbow Nation.

My heart and gut were aligned. My creative mind strategized the how. And in January, 1995, I sold my “stuff” and moved the rest of it to Johannesburg. It was a turning point in my life … a leap of faith that, in hindsight, was exactly the right thing for me to do. The next two years refined my faith in myself in adventure after adventure.

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  1. Patricia Byrne

    Thank you for being a partner in our South African transformation. Each course that you trained had a large ripple affect in our lives and how we live through history. I love who you are and how you are “being”, so loving and present. Patricia

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