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"/>On My Own - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


On My Own

Just before walking in the bush with year-old lions, the Ranger warned, “Do not go off on your own. Lions regard solitary animals as easy prey.”

I saw it in action. I was beginning to relax on this walk, when I noticed one of the lions went stock still, every cell on high alert, demeanor instantly focused and predatory. There was a single kudu off in the distance. It took 2 rangers to un-laser the lion’s target. Had that lion been 18 months-2 years old … no contest and a very different outcome.

It reminded me of Dr. Brad Brown’s caution about spiritual warriors. They don’t do as well on their own as they do when other spiritual warriors are around.

Scene: lunch break at a Life Training Weekend (now More To Life Weekend), sitting at a table with Dr. Brad Brown. Without even realizing what I was doing, isolating myself in a personal hell, I was stabbing a napkin with my fork, quietly, but firmly… unaware of ANYthing but the blackness of my resentment. Not just prey, I was swallowed whole by my own darkness.

Fortunately, Brad was there to stop my hand, waiting patiently while I burst into tears, sobbing my heart out, dissolving the blackness tear by tear.

One of the best bestest things I have done is to surround myself with truth-tellers – people who perceive Real Reality through their hearts. For them, I am forever grateful – and y’all know who you are.

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    Penny F. Dressor

    Wonderful share! Having those around that truly see me allows me to be myself, trust myself and trust others. Though the road may be bumpy, it is still worth the walk. Thanks for keeping my eyes wide open!

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    Sarah Lopez

    So true. I continue to love your passion and truth-telling. I am writing my memoir and have been reviewing old notes and correspondence from my years with LT and on the trainer path. I also have much gratitude for the gifts received. I continue to be grateful for the many loving and honest companions on my journey, with Elaine Alpert being one of them.
    In my writing about LT, I would like to include your experience following your first women’s prison training re. internal and external bars. Is that OK?
    Love and blessings,

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