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I just finished reading “mBraining”, suggested to me by Robert Bailey in the UK … H U G E Thank You, Robert. This book has made a big impact on me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the latest neuroscience for living a life of congruence and satisfaction.

According to the book, we have 3 brains – head, heart, and gut. All three have “thinking” neurons, their own unique memories, are able to “learn” and are capable of “plasticity” (re-shaping to accommodate injury, etc.). When out of alignment with each other, our lives have a totally different quality than when all three are in a state of “coherence” (systemic connection).

When any of the brains are “off” (traumatized, fear-based, driven to prove something), our unique Operating System is faulty. The book offers exercises to course correct whatever is off. Just as the More To Life program has processes that free us from lockdown of one kind or another. They all work.

Bottom line, coherency happens when the Heart brain (our unique destiny, sacred values, “heart’s desires”), leads the way, communicates via the vagus nerve to the Head brain, which (with billions of thinking neurons) calculates a way forward, which flows back down the vagus nerve to the Heart brain. If the Heart brain concurs, both messages flow down the vagus nerve to the Gut brain. If the Gut brain (survival, preserving our essential self) concurs, it provides the motivation (motility), which travels back up the vagus nerve to the Heart brain. When all systems are a Go, the Heart leads with Compassion, the Head supports with Creativity, and the Gut provides the Courage.

But you already “KNEW” this, didn’t you?

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    Andrew Munro

    Amen, Sister. You know understanding applied anatomy as an anaesthesiologist, combined with being a humble student of MTL for over 20 years…yes, i have been “knowing” and expressing this sense. I’m excited someone has nailed the discovery and published: I’ve just bought the kindle version. The earth IS round!!!

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    Hi Ann, have known this for a while and all of the clients who are working with trauma tune into their bellies, hearts and third eyes. I am taking a course with Tirzah Firestone on Intergenerational Trauma, Resilience and Healing and we have been doing daily meditations into each of these centres. My supervisor and I have literally been talking this morning about Bruce Lipton’s book Biology of Belief about epigenetics and who environment affects the growth of cells and Stephen Porges who writes about the Poly vagal system. Vagus nerve’s significance is really being recognised now. I think Brad would have loved this research. much love Zoe Grace

    1. Ann Mc

      Yes, Zoe Grace – Sages have been saying these kinds of things for thousands of years … at a sixth sense level, we know it too. And now, mBraining has backed it all up with the latest in neuroscience = only to prove what we knew anyway! The joke is on us.

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    Thanks for sharing Ann! I always love reading your posts – either to learn something new or to be reminded of something important and relevant.

    Thank you always.

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    Ann Gordon

    Love reading about this, Ann! Thank you! So great to see other expressions of the ‘possibilities of oneness’ that are beginning to creep into the consciousness of us as human monkeys around the world! Feels like something you, Brad and so many others have been evoking in all of us.. As my heart, head, and gut remember powerful moments…as you all supported and support us to do our work…as you put your hand on my heart, or other chakras,, or encourage us to clear our minds, listen to our heart, open to all of our known senses, so that we can listen to the wholeness that comes when they are all powered together to access the greater senses, intellect and ultimately the courage in our guts to accept and act on the truth! …and I’ll always remember ‘the hot potatoese’… given with no sand, clean, compassionately carved for each of us with the truth we needed to hear… as gifts to our heart, minds and souls hopefully to be partaken with care and courage. .

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    I always love learning from you, dear ‘sista’ in the work we do. I got this book the day you spoke of it, and yes, we are getting the downloads in spades these days as more people are bringing the insights and research to back up our real-life experiences. I remember asking Brad in 2003 when I was preparing to go to grad school, “What do you think is the most relevant thing to study, academically, that could back up what we do in More To Life?” and he said, “Study the brain. It’s the next frontier. And we’re just scratching the surface, more is coming.” I took what he said to heart and felt in my gut that he was onto the leading edge at that time. Yes, he would’ve LOVED all that has emerged since then!

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