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"/>Life Lesson #1 - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Life Lesson #1

My friend Ari has a son, Zusha. Zusha had a meltdown when he didn’t get his way – normal behavior for a 4-year-old, right? This is their interaction:

Ari: Zusha, what’s Life Lesson Number 1?

Zusha (through angry tears): YOU’RE responsible for my happiness.

Ari gives him “The Look.”

Zusha: trying to hold back a grin: “OK, I’M responsible for my own happiness.
Both chuckle.

Just, WOW! This really happened. When Ari was telling me about this, I was in “shock ‘n awe” – a 4-year-old cops to a reality that many grown-ups are reluctant to acknowledge, much less live.

So I’m thinking. What if all of us, as in ALL of us, really grokked Life Lesson #1 and vowed to live accordingly? I am totally responsible for my own happiness!

You are not responsible for my happiness; I am not responsible for yours. How simple is that? Simple, yes; maybe not so easy.

My version of happiness doesn’t necessarily look like yours. Ask any extravert/introvert … or 4-year-old/40-year-old.

The big downside of not taking radical responsibility for my own happiness is that my body pays the price (dis-ease), and the people around me pay the price (I leak anger, misery on them). And deep down, when I’m in that place, I feel disgust with myself, cuz I know I know better.

My job – keep current/tuned in to the nuances and evolution of my own happiness, pursue it.

Ari – what’s Life Lesson #2?

BTW – Ari is the Team Leader for the More To Life Weekend in Johannesburg in November.  Whoop!






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    That was fantastic! My big take away was learning I am not responsible for others happiness! Spent many years believing something must be wrong with me because it didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t make them happy!

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    This just woke me up… Thanks Ann and Ari for the story. Looking forward to meeting you in Johannesburg Ari 🙂

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