Scene: Hotel room, London, packed house, More To Life Weekend, a few years ago.

Someone shared the following, paraphrased from my memory – “I want to make a difference. I know I can. But any difference I make will only be consumed by the darkness of the collective. So I don’t see the point of even attempting to buck the system (of darkness).”

I could see her point. Power, greed, corruption, “evil-doing” is what we hear about on the television and on internet news feeds. If something positive is reported, percentage-wise, it’s negligible … a distorted representation of How Life Is.

To make it visceral, I asked the team to turn off all the lights – pitch black in the room. I asked someone with a lighter to flick it on. Silence for a few seconds. Everyone! Everyone couldn’t help but look at the light – at the one light in the surrounding darkness. It was the total focal point. There was no-thing else to see.

Every day I see acts of kindness, reaching out to others in need, support sought and granted. When I’m resentful, I’m not seeing the whole person, the light they are. When I watch the news, I’m not seeing the whole picture, only what sells advertising.

From a physics point of view, dark is a form of light whose spectrum is invisible to the human eye. Theoretically, what if that which we determine to be dark is awaiting our awakening … our ability/willingness to see the light? In myself, in you, and in Life As It Is. It only takes one to make a breakthrough.


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  1. Ellen

    Or be the light! Even if turning on your blinker to turn in busy traffic. Everyone CAN choose to be the Light! Love & Light!

  2. Sarah Lopez

    Thanks for your ongoing, heartfelt iinsights and commitment to share the gifts and challenges of LIFE.

  3. Johnene

    Wow!! I love reading your posts!! This imagery resonates with every fiber of my being! I have experienced the light illuminating my darkest parts to reveal beauty yet to be discovered!! I am grateful for your words, wisdom and love to share.

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