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"/>Going Slow As Fast As I Can - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


Going Slow As Fast As I Can

Going slow as fast as I can – lyrics in a current popular song. These words caught me … so I started looking at what caught me about that phrase and how is it applicable in my life?

If I go too fast, I run over the top of sacred moments, or feelings that I don’t allow myself to feel, or opportunities that I might have noticed had I been more aware of here-and-now, instead of focusing so exclusively on the end game.

On the other hand, “lollygagging” is like a mortal sin in my lexicon – wasting time = wasting life. I know, I know. The work ethic is alive and well in me, and I do know that “down time” is a requirement for those of us in our elder years. OK, important, period.

However, there’s a seductive quality to down time, it can easily turn into a more permanent way of life than what I would be willing to settle for.

So while I don’t want to wallow in the past or focus so much on the future, I do want to savor – moment by moment –  those sacred instances – to be sensitive to the quality of my life as revealed through my body’s sensations, aka feelings, and to be aware of unexpected opportunities for connection to – rain on my face, the eyes of a beggar, tears on a friend’s face – a moment extending itself to me in which my life is enriched.

Going slow to savor my journey, as fast as I can.

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    Susan Pastika

    Going slow so we can go deep, I’d say. Not always needed, but savoring and loving full out is hard to do when we’re racing against time, rather than with it.

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    Elaine Alpert

    Love your ponderings, Ann. This resonates with me too. I have a friend who calls it ‘going wide.’ Kairos moments are calling our name!

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    Kay Bastin

    This is very close to my heart, thank you Ann! Having chronic fatigue slowed me right down and I started to notice what was around me more. It was a different way of seeing. A friend was describing recently taking a pause after doing something rather than rushing into the next thing. I like that idea too.
    Big fan of your blog

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        Mary Reynolds

        Thank you Ann! I love reading your blogs and always get something from them. I am very grateful to More to Life and everyone involved for waking me up to this possibility of enjoying what’s on offer even when I am busy. I love the idea of “pausing before … during and after”.

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    Keeping myself overly busy so I don’t think unwanted thoughts, just makes me blind to everthing else and everyone else!
    Great reminder to be present and be a “present” for others around me.

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