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Family Lore

Bigfoot Wallace, a very famous Texas Ranger in the mid-1800s, with whom you would not want to mess, was 6’2” and 240 lbs – quite a big man back in those days. I am a lateral descendant (he had no children), according to Family Lore. Also according to Family Lore, HE is the reason we all have big feet. It stands to reason, right? Anyone named Bigfoot has to either have big feet .. or very small feet. Logic says, at 6’2”, we should probably go with B I G. One of my brothers sports a size 14 D – just sayin’, (Then again, no one would call my feet small either.)

Out of curiosity, I researched Wikipedia (Siri in word form). It turns out that Bigfoot Wallace died at the age of 82 …. in Bigfoot, Texas. Yes, he lived in a town named Bigfoot. Who knew? (They do have a museum, the only one anywhere, dedicated to Bigfoot Wallace.)

That stimulated another curiosity. I wonder what other Family Lore is a half-bubble off plumb. I remember my dad telling me that I should become a teacher, in case my husband died, then I would be home during the summer with my children. That made sense. My mother and all my friends’ mothers were always around. Family Lore – this is how it is.

I wonder what else I’m believing these days – is it based on fact, or Family Lore? What Family Lore are you believing?

PS . That’s a picture of William Alexander Anderson Wallace, aka Bigfoot Wallace

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    Andrew Munro

    Ann, Scottish name, family resemblance…the nose, and shape of face. Just saying.
    I saw a picture of a descendant of the Munro who was a founding father of the white man Hamilton, in 1800’s, after the Maori Wars. Not a descendant as I’m first of my line to NZ, but he had an uncanny resemblance to my fathers father. Genes are real.
    And 50% of our personality, “they Figure” comes from our environment, our family lore included. The other 50% from our genes.

    As for me:…lol, there is quite a lot of ”family lore” as I start to reflect….so everyday…..like the water to the fish, eh!
    No wonder a fish or whale jumping free is so inspiring!

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    Deedee Mitchell

    Our family had lots of tales of ancestors. I have never been sure which ones were embellished! But they are all fun to tell at family get togethers. My dad’s family was Scotch Irish and all his uncles were wonderful story tellers. lWhen they visited,, everyone of any age could sit and listen. There was something about that experience that influenced how I thought of myself. I am all for lore!

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