Conning the Universe

I’ve been single now for 40 years – enjoying sequential monogamy and times of being free and unattached. Occasionally, I would imagine myself in a committed, long-term relationship, traveling life’s journey together as lovers and best friends. Warm and real and “for” each other.

This is not an impossible dream. I see it happening with others all the time. Why not me? Because the universe refuses to be conned! It flows with the TRUTH, AND it is truly a mystery. Even if everything lined up, my innermost desires clear and present, with no competing negative and fearful images, there is no guarantee. The universe isn’t designed to make my life easy.

Con #1 – I tell the universe I want a relationship, but unconsciously, my fear of becoming subservient (a relic from my past) is greater than my desire for a relationship. And the universe complies, because the thought of freedom AND relationship isn’t even a notion.

Con #2 – I deserve/demand the Universe create the perfect relationship for me, driven by the fear of always being single (odd man out) in a world of couple-dom. “Everyone knows” you can’t be happy unless you’re in a relationship. Fear wins again. And the universe complies, because I’ve bought into the cultural standard, not mine.

My job is to put it out there – vivid imagery, potent feelings – and to align with How It IS, and always to answer, “Now what?” Which fear will I subjugate next? And what the hell’s wrong with being free and single anyway?

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