As Above, So Below

Rafa Berriochoa sent me a blurb written by a Spanish news journalist that stated that “Both Europe and America love what they see as our quaint backwardness …”

As an American, I can absolutely say that I do not in any way see Spain as either quaint or backward. I see a country divided on an issue pertinent to their current culture. Just as I see the US, England, and most countries that are in the news today divided on issues specific to their current cultures.

Having just spent a week with 53 warriors at WOW, Way of a <Spiritual> Warrior, I can also absolutely say that each of us has internal issues which are currently divisive. So it’s not just countries that are dealing with unsettled issues coming to a head. It’s personal … and corporate …. affecting relationships, families, groups, and organizations, as well as countries. Constant updating. Evolution.

 When we have cleaned out our own internal divisiveness, when we stand fully in The Truth, then external changes happen. It’s exactly what Level 5 Leaders do (from the book, Good to Great).

There’s a spiritual axiom – As above, so below. I’d add, “As inside, so outside.”

Check it out. Clean out all internal incompletes, resentments, stubbornly held positions of against-ness – then see what happens around you, You cannot NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You will either add to the energy of war or to the energy of peace. You choose.

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  1. Mike Hill

    Always in our presence, Lady Ann. Constantly reminded of the new perspectives you allowed me to see through your incredible work.

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