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"/>A Sign of Progress - Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.


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A Sign of Progress

Today I misread a text message from a friend, believing she was going to meet me for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. I waited in the sun for 15 minutes, called her a couple of times and text messaged her once. No response.

So I sent her some energy, in case something untoward had happened, and ate, enjoying my food. Afterwards, I read our text message string more carefully and realized she was postponing our lunch to another day. OH! Well, that explained that … grinning to myself about how much I really wanted food from Fadi’s (enough to misread her text anyway).

This is the text message back from her after she woke up from her nap in the sun and read my, “Are you OK?” messages: “See, someone else could have thought a friend stood her up, believed she was unimportant and ordered 3 milk shakes. But you checked the facts, had a healthy meal and a chuckle. I’m thankful for mentally healthy friends.”

That was a wake up for me. I realized that I totally did not go “under.” I did not in any way disparage myself nor her nor “how life is.”  When I read this last text from Kay, I thought, “yeah, that would have been me a few years ago.”

What progress are you noticing in your life?