In the mid-90s, Ann took a course for psychotherapists that wanted to expand their practice to include coaching. She coaches people in 8 different time zones – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, England, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and all 4 time zones in the US.

At the age of 8, her science teacher asked her to “coach” a fellow student who was having difficulty. When that student went from almost failing to an A on her test, Ann was hooked for life. (It also helped that she was the eldest of 8 children, all preparation for living her passion.)

In 2002, she lead the initiative for the Kairos More To Life Foundation to create an international 80-hour coaching program that licensed advanced students to coach beginning students, as well as professional coaching skills utilizing the unique skill set of the program. This initiative spanned four countries – the US and the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

“I signed up, with some skepticism and on a trial basis, to be coached by Ann McMaster for three months. We established development of a detailed plan, for a major transition in the company, as a result I wanted by the end of the three months. She supported me in laying out the plan, establishing milestones and sticking to them. The end result was having the plan completed on time. While achieving that result Ann helped improve my interactions with my team, with other companies and with customers. Ann also got me in touch with behaviors that I was barely aware of. but which were needed to achieve my desired results. A small side result during this time was a business transaction resulting in savings to the company of three times her fee.”

PAK, CEO of a mid-sized company

“Working with you for our several recent sessions helped me to get right down to basics, gave me a couple of images to call up when I get stuck that I’ve used successfully to pop myself out of my stuckness, and allowed me to keep moving effectively through my transition. Best of all, I knew you were there — FOR ME.”

Retired VP of a national laboratory, Transitioning to the next phase of life