Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Out of the blue,
without pre-knowledge,

without our consent –
Things Happen.
Lifeshocks Out Of The Blue

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Learning From Your Life's Experiences 

Lifeshocks Out of the Blue by Ann McMaster will give you the key to keep unlocking the mystery of lifeshocks, those relentless messages from life inviting you to transform yourself:

  • to BE MORE of the best within you…
  • to BE MORE connected with those you love…
  • to BE MORE satisfied with your place in our world.

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Life As It Is

Making a YOU TURN

In a chat with my friend Eddie, this phrase popped up in the conversation. I really like this phrase – especially for those of us...
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True Freedom

Freedom, if not my highest personal value, is certainly in the top three (along with Being Awake and Telling the Truth). My early environment seemed...
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I am a big fan of adventuring – whitewater rafting, walking with lions, swimming with wild dolphins, backpacking in the Okavango, parasailing – generally exploring...
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My Rebel Within

There are two kinds of rebels – the obvious kind who flout the rules, do whatever they want, whenever they want … an adult version...
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My Secret Weapon

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a small part of our brain with a most important job. It is the gatekeeper that weeds out sensory...
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But It’s Not in the Manual

Scene: The Pearl, an advanced, residential course in the More To Life program, Elohee Center, Sautee, Georgia. 23 in attendance. Peggy Jarrett and I had...
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