Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Out of the blue,
without pre-knowledge,

without our consent –
Things Happen.
Lifeshocks Out Of The Blue

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Learning From Your Life's Experiences 

Lifeshocks Out of the Blue by Ann McMaster will give you the key to keep unlocking the mystery of lifeshocks, those relentless messages from life inviting you to transform yourself:

  • to BE MORE of the best within you…
  • to BE MORE connected with those you love…
  • to BE MORE satisfied with your place in our world.

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Life As It Is

Boundaries vs Walls

Brene Brown has a YouTube video exploring Boundaries and Compassion, which I highly recommend seeing – maybe several times. I’ve experienced what I’m like when...
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Claiming mySELF

Why is it so easy to come up with all the things that are “wrong” with me, that I need to fix/heal/get over? And at...
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On My Own

Just before walking in the bush with year-old lions, the Ranger warned, “Do not go off on your own. Lions regard solitary animals as easy...
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Feeling “Unsafe”

Feeling “Unsafe” Lately three people have told me they feel “unsafe” around certain people or in specific circumstances. Examining that feeling in myself, a memory...
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Walking With Lions

Scene: KUDUS RUS ( – a game reserve in the northwestern province of South Africa, with Isabel Vidal and Cremilde Geddes, friends from Johannesburg; and Sylvia...
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As Above, So Below

Rafa Berriochoa sent me a blurb written by a Spanish news journalist that stated that “Both Europe and America love what they see as our...
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Winners and Whiners

What makes a winner? How do they operate differently from whiners? Hurricane Harvey, aka HH, has made the distinction clear. Whiners get stuck in a...
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