Ann McMaster M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Out of the blue,
without pre-knowledge,

without our consent –
Things Happen.
Lifeshocks Out Of The Blue

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Learning From Your Life's Experiences 

Lifeshocks Out of the Blue by Ann McMaster will give you the key to keep unlocking the mystery of lifeshocks, those relentless messages from life inviting you to transform yourself:

  • to BE MORE of the best within you…
  • to BE MORE connected with those you love…
  • to BE MORE satisfied with your place in our world.

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Life As It Is

What Are You Feeling Now?

That was the recurring question in last weekend’s Opening the Heart course. What are you feeling? Where are you feeling it in your body, and...
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Always Learning

Scene: Madrid, Spain, More To Life’s Relationship Workshop – post workshop mental perambulation through this last weekend. One of the reasons I love doing what...
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3 Delightful Surprises

Scene: Breakfast in the dining room of the Upside Down Hilton (local name), Port–of-Spain, Trinidad – the first day of our contract to embed a...
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The Power of No

In a recent conversation with my friend, Jacki Robertson in England, we talked about what it’s like to say Yes to something you no longer...
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London, England

Trainer apartment, More To Life Centre, London, England The first time I came to London to co-lead a More To Life Weekend was in 1985....
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Surrendering What a good idea! Surrendering to the IS-ness of life. Being in the flow. Not resisting “how IT is!” Ahhhhh. 1 in 5 girls...
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Points of Light

My evening walk started a bit later than normal … a dusky, twilight evening, not quite inky yet. My intention was to be mindful of...
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